Having got the keys to a refined apartment in the very heart of St. Petersburg is not enough for it to become truly "yours". After all, no matter how luxurious and glamorous it may be and whatever stylish and exclusive renovations may have been made there, we are always eager to personalise our place and to decorate it.


Our company has over 10 years of experience in elite real estate lease and property trust. We aim to ensure the highest possible comfort and convenience of our services to each of our clients, regardless of the lease terms and the facility’s kind. One of our priorities is expanding the range of services provided.



As an owner of elite real estate in St. Petersburg and intending to rent it out, you may be faced with lots of problems and troubles. Move-in inspections, communicating with potential tenants, being anxious about your property’s integrity: all that takes a lot of time and effort. But is it worth the bother if it is possible to entrust these tasks to professionals?